Wow! I need to keep this site up better!

Par for the course, my webmaster duties have taken a back seat to work and family. I have however, added a new link to my chicken coop status page. Another change is that I have done away with the forum software. It seems there was more spam that real users so I discontinued the forums all together.

Here is a look at the Coop Web Server I’ve been working on in my spare time:

The page is served from an embedded web server in the Chicken Coop. I started by making an automatic door that uses a micro controller to monitor the light levels and controls the door and it grew from there. Happy I added a Parallax Spinneret that serves the html directly from the coop via WiFi. Perhaps some pictures with then next post are in order!


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Roomba Kitty

I’ve alway wondered how to train our cats to clean up after themselves! At least someone has figured it out!! LOL

Photo Set on Flickr!


Looks like I’m gathering quite a collection of pet portraits. I only wish I always had time to get out my camera. I know I miss a lot of real cuties because of being busy. You can Click or Tap on the collage above to go to the full set on where I share my photos.

Laugh Doc



This past week in addition to Libby, our regular intern from Fort Mill High School (left), we had the pleasure of having middle school job shadowers. Justine (center) and Paige (right) spent the entire day observing and helping us with the patients. Pictured with them here are Callie and Tucker that were in for minor surgical procedures.

Laugh Doc

Cats and Babies!


By the way, that old wives tale that cat’s will suck the breath out of sleeping babies is not true! Happy